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New on My Dresser

|Whats on my Dresser|Glass Shadow Boxes Shadow Box With Pattern Lining  Abstract Box  Golden Pineapple  Variation of Pink Tray  Second Tray  Mirrored Perfume Tray DVF Journey of a Dress YSL Style Kevyn Aucoin Making Faces Ribbon Hair Ties “Invisibobble” Hair Tie |I Also Love| Round Display Tray Mirror Set  Harper’s Bazaar’s Greatest Hits Gold Storage Box Triangle Boxes  So to start off this little dresser reorganizing/ redecorating post, this pink and

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Winter Blues

The color blue, has such a negative connotation. Blue is endlessly being dragged down by the phrase, “I’m feeling blue today” or linked with Taylor Swift’s lyrics, “Losing him was blue like I’d never known”. Don’t get me wrong, I am a faithful Taylor supporter, but I love the color blue. Blue is the only color I ever

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