Bella Bee

My names Bella Bee! I am a nineteen year old licensed cosmetologist, small dog enthusiast, & currently rebelling against higher education.

Some people like to immerse themselves in tedious hobbies or in books, as for me, my hobby is design. I have a passion for anything beauty or style related, which is where the name BB Beauty Designs comes from. It is a broad title which describes what I love and who I am; designing myself and creating beauty around me.

I launched BB Beauty Designs in the fall of 2016 while I was drowning in a world of uncertainty. At that time I was attending a university close to home, and I was miserable in my generic, dull classes. I was surrounded by people saying that a four year college was the only path for me. After realizing that I could create my own path, one that is bright and colorful, I took the following semester off and dove into my passion for design, leading me to