My Top Five Favorite Lipsticks |National Lipstick Day|

My Top Five Favorite Lipsticks |National Lipstick Day|

Happy National Lipstick day!! In honor of the appreciation day of my favorite makeup item, today I am sharing five of my favorite lipsticks with you.

Like I have mentioned before, I have been a lipstick fanatic since before I could walk. Whenever I am in doubt about literally anything; what to eat for lunch, if I passed a hard test, if my dog loves me as much as I love her; I buy a lipstick.

Out of my nineteen years of lipstick collecting, these five shades have not only been my favorites, but the only shades that I have ever run out of and needed to repurchase.


From left to right we have: Urban Decay, Rush; Maybelline, Pink Me Up; Makeup Forever, N28; Buxom, Rebel Rose; and finally, MAC Cosmetics, Relentlessly Red.

Starting with Urban Decay, Rush; it’s very similar to my natural lip color, which is why it is such an easy throw on color for me. It also requires no liner, which I love. Its satin finish makes the color wear so nicely all day. Skipping over to Buxom, Rebel Rose; this is another very similar satin finish pinky nude. Some days I prefer this lipstick over the Urban Decay because it is creamier. The colors are so beyond similar, so it usually just comes down to the condition of my lips that day lol.


Moving along to the second color in line (correlating with the photos), Maybelline, Pink Me Up. This lipstick is the only, I repeat ONLY drugstore lipstick I have EVER liked! Maybe I just haven’t tried enough, but this color has been at the top of my list for years. The flash washed this color out a bit; in person it is a true baby pink with a bit of brown in it, which makes it look SLIGHTLY mauvey. I love this color with or without a liner. If I am going for a more glam look, I will line my lips with a pinky maroon liner and give this color a little more depth and make it a little darker!

Next is that one lipstick that you will never forget. I remember everything about the day I bought this lipstick, well, I remember everything about the day that my mom bought this lipstick for me because I was only about 12. She thought I was crazy for wanting a  color as purple as Makeup Forever, N28, but I rocked it so well she eventually came around. To this day purples and deeper pinks are still my favorite shade to wear. It really complements warm medium skin tones like mine.

Last but certainly not least, MAC Cosmetics, Relentlessly Red lipstick. I want to introduce this shade by saying that is it NOT red. It is a neon coral and it is FABULOUS!!!!! This is the only matte lipstick I will ever wear (just because I am picky about my mattes, and I just prefer satin). It is so vibrant and radiant. It pops even more if you line your lips completely underneath with a complementing shade. There is nothing that could make this shade look bad, it is just too too beautiful.


If you got to the end of this, thank you for enduring my rambling!! I get REAL into my lipsticks lol. Let me know how you like these shades and what your favorites are!! AND happy National Lipstick Day💋


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