July Favorites |Video Linked in Post|

July Favorites |Video Linked in Post|

|Bralettes|UO Rainbow Sheer Bralette  UO Daisy Bralette  I am the queen of bralettes; anything that replaces having to wear an actual bra is right up my alley. That statement is even more valid when the bralettes are as cute as these!! If we’re talking about true comfort, the black one is more comfortable just because of where it lays across your stomach, but both are obviously tremendously more cozy than a full blown padded, underwire, death trap of a real bra!!

|Oversized Tees|Free People We The Free Charleston Tee Watch the video below to really see me ogle all over these tees. I am obsessed with them!! I won’t say too much about them because I have an individual blog post coming next week on two different ways to style them!!

 |The Mascara EVERYONE is talking about| L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise  I’d like to thank not only god, but Bernard Arnault, chairman and CEO of L’ Oreal, for the production of this magnificent product. That is all.

My Project 7-001.jpg

|Facial Instant Tanner| Tinted Self-Tanning Facial Lotion  Give your face a color boost of 1-3 levels with this self tanner. You can layer it to build up the color. It is applied before makeup, and I recommend letting it dry for about 5-10 minutes prior! It has a little bit of shimmer in it, so if you’re a matte only type of person, this is not for you.

|Instagram Viral Stripless Pebble Wax| Satin Smooth Pebble Wax Like I said in my video, I adore this wax for facial uses; however, when it comes to body (I tried it on my arms) it kind of just made a mess. So this product is only a favorite as a facial wax, not elsewhere.

|Crucial Step After Waxing| EWC Strut Smooth Ingrown Hair Pads Being hairless, soft and smooth is one of my favorite things; that being said, ingrown hairs are NOT cute. So make sure you use some sort of anti ingrown hair wipe or serum after waxing! This is a great one, it feels refreshing and smells good! As I said in my video, you get more out of the pads than the pumpable serum itself!

|Exfoliating Pad| Hart Felt Body Scrub Looks like a dish sponge, but it’s the greatest exfoliating sponge you will ever use!

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