What I Keep in My Beach Bag & What I am Currently Reading

What I Keep in My Beach Bag & What I am Currently Reading

Yesterday I was lucky enough to take the day off and go to the beach with one of my best friends, Semra, writer of SemraShemo.com (go check it out, she’s fab). The weather was beautiful and the warm sunshine really set my tan over the edge lol.

For days like yesterday, when I am only at the beach for the day, what I bring with me is so important.

Starting with the beach bag itself, I have been obsessed with the way my yellow Goyard tote looks with the colors in my Velzera pom pom tunic, so I was rocking both of those at the beach yesterday. This tote has such a freeform shape that I can stuff all of my beach day necessities in it with such ease.

The blue and white beach blanket you see in the photo above was purchased form HomeGoods years and years ago, however I here is a similar one I found. I prefer beach blankets over towels simple because they are more comfortable to lay on and on a day like yesterday where the sun isn’t too too strong, I don’t go in the ocean, so a towel is totally unnecessary lol.

Love it or hate it, I am not a big sun screen user, my dark complexion typically does not burn so I use tanning oils. This particular one has SPF 4… so thats something right??

While on the beach I tend to go for a floppy hat look, but yesterday I changed it up with this distressed denim cap that I purchased from a local boutique a few days ago.  That being said, I can’t link it, but here is a similar one 🙂

My Project 7-001

Now for the little stuff that I cannot live without at the beach, portable charger, perfect for my phone or my Kindle if a need a little battery boost. While on the beach, I always need a good book with me, I recently finished the series by Abbi Glines, Rosemary Beach series, (which was amazing) and have circled back to the story that made me fall in love with reading, Heart on a Chain by Cindy C Bennett. I read this book for the first time at like age 12, and I love it now just as much as I did then. Next, one of the most important things to me at least, a headband. I ADORE headbands at the beach, they’re perfect for taming that messy beach hair, while still keeping it out of your face. My favorite headbands ever are the Free People Printed Wide Band because they’re are so many ways you can wear them!

After a long day of baking in the sun, I NEED lotion, this Clarins firming body lotion is my go to because the smell is so subtle and fresh, I keep it on me at all times. It’s so rich and hydrating but doesn’t clash with any other scents you may have on.

Last, but certainly not least because I wear them in just about every post, my sunglasses from SunnyRebel.com. These sunnies are always a perfect beach bag throw in because I am never worried about them getting banged up or sandy.



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