New on My Dresser

New on My Dresser

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So to start off this little dresser reorganizing/ redecorating post, this pink and white enamel tray is my favorite item I purchased, it could be used for so many things, at the moment I have it simply displaying some iconic fashion and beauty books, rather than just laying the books out, this tray gives my dresser so much more depth. IMG_5683

Now for the new books, not only are they so beautiful to display, they are filled with million of sketches and raw ideas that are always helpful when I have writers block or when I’m feeling a little uninspired. The makeup empire that Kevyn Aucoin built from the ground up is always so inspiring to read if I’m ever in a bit of a makeup rut.

As for the new organization: The abstract box you see on my night table was a birthday present from my oldest friend Abigail, it’s always been my favorite simple box to hold the jewelry I wear every day. I was at HomeGoods yesterday not looking for anything specific and found the funky octagon tower you see next to it, along with the rectangle organizer on my dresser. I am so happy I found other pieces to match this! HomeGoods does not sell online, so I found similar ones from Anthropologie and West Elm that are linked above!! These brass lined boxes are so simple but so pretty. My room is accented with gold, so these are prefect for tying into that while still keeping it simple and delicate with the glasses surfaces.

Inside the rectangle organizer the compartments make it so easy to keep things neat. In the first compartment, I have my g shock watch that I wear when I’m feeling sporty, that my boyfriend got me for Valentine’s day, along with a cute little polaroid of us❤️

Next, I used to keep my ribbon hair ties in a bowl on my dresser along with 8 other bowls holding meaningless items that just looked cluttered, this keeps everything condensed but still pretty. In the last slot I have my everyday bracelets, another reason to love this glass organizer, everything can be on display (which also forces me to keep it neat).


And finally my crystal and gold perfume tray which I ADORE for storing the perfumes I rarely wear in a pretty way. The texture of the crystals adds so much dimension while still matching the gold and glass of the other pieces. I keep my everyday Tom Ford and Jo Malone products directly on my dresser so that I don’t have to hassle with getting them neatly back in the cluttered tray everyday.


I hope you enjoyed this little peep inside my room! I plan on painting my walls a creamy white color this summer, but every time I go to do it I get afraid I’ll miss my funky multi colored walls, let me know what you think!!



  1. June 19, 2017 / 1:25 pm

    Creamy white? Not after all the work we went through to get what you have now

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