What I Ordered From the Bloomies Sale!!

What I Ordered From the Bloomies Sale!!

The 1:Empire Denim Dress is one that I HAVE to talk about; it is easily my favorite purchase from this mini Bloomingdales haul. This piece comes in a blue wash or white, I only purchased the blue, not knowing how much I would love it. Now I wish I had the white too but its sold out!! The link below is from revolve, both colors are still available there, just with less of a discount. I purchased this dress from Bloomies for only $29!!! Today I am wearing this dress at work with a long sleeve black shirt underneath. It can be worn with long or short sleeve, or alone. This piece is perfect for all shapes and sizes and is the PERFECT everyday dress! I am so happy beyond words that I added this to my wardrobe.

  2:Embroidered Tunic Dress: so comfy and stylish, incorporating both pinstriped and pom pom trends.

 3:Lace Up Frill Coverup: the ideal beach coverup! Cutesy with its frills, but a little edgier with the contrast of it’s black lace up accents.

4:Aqua Striped Shorts and 5:Aqua Bandana Shorts: two other pieces I am SO grateful for, its really hard to find shorts that actually fit over my butt and hips without them being too big in the waist. I sized up in these and because of the elastic waist band, they fit perfectly around both my waist and my butt lol.

6:Tropics Ruffle Dress: I love it, but it is honestly too short to wear anywhere besides as a coverup. I got a size small and it fits everywhere, but the frill at the bottom reaches just below my butt. I had my sister try it on as well to see if it was just me, but she is slightly less curvy than I am, and it fit her the same way. That being said, if you want this as an everyday dress, I would suggest sizing up. I am also only about 5’1, so I can’t imagine how this could ever work for a tall person lol.

7:Ladder Neck Top: the one comfy lounge wear piece I purchased, so soft and cozy. The v doesn’t go too too low, so it can be worn without anything under it, which I was a little worried about before it came in. I really hate having to layer pieces like this that are intended to be easy and cozy, so I’m really glad that I don’t need to.

8:Embroidered Mini Dress & 9:Embroidered Striped Jacket: I am still waiting for these pieces to come in! They shipped separately, but I’m hoping I love them just as much as the others! Number 9 is the shirt version of number 2, I am so glad that I will have multiple variations of this embroidery tunic style because the colors are to die for!!

This sale was so great, I am extremely tempted to get more!! For nine items I only spent roughly $300, which is a lot for me in one shot, but for all of the beautiful things I got it is SO WORTH IT. Without discount all of these pieces would have been three times that amount, so I am so so so excited that I was able to get all of this!! Definitely check out the sale while it is still going on!! It is super rare that I LOVE every single item I ordered from anywhere, its usually hit or miss and this was 100% a BIG HIT! I got very lucky lol.

I will be posting individual style posts on the majority of these pieces, I can’t wait to show you what I will be pairing with them!!!




  1. Rachel Grace
    June 7, 2017 / 2:44 pm

    This is all adorable! i got those Aqua shorts!

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