|My Makeup Cleanse Update|& Ironically, Info on a Foundation “that never looks cakey”

|My Makeup Cleanse Update|& Ironically, Info on a Foundation “that never looks cakey”

Back in May, I shared that I would be trying a makeup free two weeks. I lasted a solid week, but life got in the way, between graduation parties, birthday dinners, date night with my boyfriend and simply going to work, I did not feel like my fabulous self with a naked face. As for the results after my ONE WEEK cleanse (because I didn’t make it to two), my skin really appreciated it. My pores appeared clearer and smaller, however, after around the second day, for whatever reason my skin started producing an INSANE amount of oil in my t zone. I think it could have been some kind of kick back from my skin being used to primers and powders to absorb the excess. With that being said, by day 4 or 5 the oiliness subsided.

Taking a week off makeup put a lot into perspective as to how much I used to pile on my face everyday, since then I have been definitely been keeping the makeup to a minimum. Like I said, I do not feel myself with a bare, face, but I prefer my skin to look like skin. I have doubled the amount of primer oil I mix in with my foundation and minimized two pumps of foundation to one, really sheering out its coverage. Not only does the oil help my dry patches, but my skin shows through my makeup, and overall appears more natural. I will definitely be continuing with this new routine adjustment, I will obviously still go full face glam when necessary (or just for fun), but on a day to day basis, it really isn’t healthy for anyones skin, especially if you are prone to break outs like I am.My Project 7-001

Going on the same lines of foundation, I came across this article on Reviews.com and it is really worth the read. The stats below are enough to entice you to check out their 40 hours of research on the two best foundations for all skin types, claiming to have a flawless color range and buildable coverage that never looks cakey.

My Project 7-001.jpg

Check out their article from this link.

I’ve been a bit out of the blogging groove this passed week, but I have some really exciting posts lined up for you this week and into next week.


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