Backless, Asymmetrical, Red Dress & Inside Scoop On The Sculpt Bra

Backless, Asymmetrical, Red Dress & Inside Scoop On The Sculpt Bra

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Yesterday’s dress is one of those pieces that as soon as I picked it out, I was questioning if I actually liked it lol. Anything with an uneven hem line always gets me a little nervous, but I figured branching out could be a good thing. The thing that first drew me to this dress was the open back and halter cut, I think this is such a pretty style and does a great job at accentuating the waist of any body type in combination with the flowy skirt.

This is one of those colors that online I swore was orange. Call me crazy, but orange is one of my favorite colors to wear, there are a lot of orange haters out there and I am not one of them lol. This is the second or third time I have planned an outfit around my dress being orange and then it comes in the mail red… maybe I need to get my eyes checked or something, but I’m still going with it even though I wish it was orange.

As you can see in the linked details above, this dress also comes in a Maxi Dress Variation, I have never seen that style in person to say much about the dress but I really love the fabric so I’m sure its beautiful as well. I am wearing the Red Printed Asymmetrical Version with a pair of Marc Fisher heels. I’ve worn these heels in so many posts and I am still unable to find these online for you. I got them on sale at Bloomies about this time last year and I am still obsessed with them. However I did find these chunky heels by See By Chloe that have the same patchy vibe, which are also on sale right now:)

I wore this outfit yesterday for celebrating my brother turning twenty four and my sister graduating college, definitely two occasions worthy of dressing up.


Moving on to my “unmentionables” as my mother calls them: if you have an Instagram and don’t live under a rock, you have definitely seen this bra before. The Sculpt Bra, Ill be honest, after seeing 30493472 videos of girls lacing up their boobs with this thing, I didn’t want to try it. But after growing tired of never having the right bra for backless dresses like this, I figured I’d give it a try. I like this bra, but I don’t love it. The stickiness is by far superior to any other sticky bra I have ever owned, but the miraculous growth of two cup sizes that every account on Instagram advertises did not happen to me… overall I’d recommend this bra because the appearance of a boob job isn’t what I was going for anyway lol. It’s about 90 degrees and humid here in New Jersey. Normally heat and sticky bras don’t mix well, like at all. In the past I’ve found myself grabbing my boobs all day to keep the stupid thing adhered to me, but THANKFULLY, my bra stayed on my body and that didn’t happen yesterday lol.



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