|How To| Clean Your Makeup Brushes


Today’s post is short and sweet but very necessary! Cleaning your makeup brushes is one of the most crucial aspects of your beauty routine. I clean my brushes every 8-10 days and BOY do they get messy quick! Keep reading to learn what I use and my cleaning technique!

|What I Use|There are so many brush cleaning solvents out on the market, to be honest I have never tried one. In my opinion, these big companies like Beauty Blender  and Clinique, along with so many more use products like “special brush cleaning solvents” just to make more money, I mean who could blame them, they already have us hooked. I treat my makeup brushes like my babies in more ways than one lol. Baby soaps are the most gentle soaps in existence, which is why I use this baby soap to clean my makeup brushes. Makeup brushes are fragile not to mention expense, they need to be cared for properly. In regards to a brush scrubber, to really get that grimey makeup out of my makeup brushes, I use this Brush Cleaner Egg Scrubber Toolit is the perfect size, easy to pack, and has the perfect spot to put your finger while scrubbing.

|What You’ll Need| You will need the two products I mentioned above, (any baby soap, and the brush scrubber) and a hand towel.

|How To| This process is very self explanatory but, first I wet the brush, squirt a little dollop of soap on my scrubber tool and then swirl the bristles around in the soap, the texture of the scrubber will help to remove the makeup deep with in the brush. Depending on how dirty the brush is I will rinse both the brush and scrubber, then repeat this process. After doing this with all of my brushes and my beauty sponge as well, I pat them dry.

|IMPORTANT TIP| When you are laying the brushes to dry, NEVER stand them up, this causes the water to reside in the binding of the brush which makes the glue separate and your bristles will fall out. That being said, treat your makeup brushes like your baby and lay them flat to dry. Do not shorten the life or the hair of your brushes.

I hope this was helpful:) keep an eye out for my full makeup brush breakdown! I am planning a post with a little background on each brush including uses and dupes for the more expensive ones!


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