Simple Spring Look

Simple Spring Look

Follow Felicia Walker Benson @thisthatbeautyThis morning I had the great opportunity of attending the Bloomingdale’s beauty and brunch event hosted by, Felicia Walker Benson. Felicia, writer of ThisThatBeauty, is so well known in the industry and it was such a pleasure and an honor to meet her. Picking her brain about products and techniques was the highlight of my week, she is most certainly a role model of mine. Later this week I will be doing a vlog on the products I got from this event including more details about my morning at Bloomies!!!

Moving onto my outfit from today, the details are linked below! This coat is such a GREAT spring staple! It’s Kate Spade and came with a belt… where is my belt? I couldnt tell you. With my short legs I feel like I’m constantly drowning in my coats, thankfully this coat doesn’t consume my body nearly as much as others lol. The length is so perfect for the vertically challenged like myself.

Classic Twill Trench Coat   

The dress that I wore is from Opening Ceremony and it is SO PERFECT for spring! The pattern on it is so so fun. It’s right in line with the t-shirt trend this season, with a little bit of spunk in the mix, the floral pattern really adds something extra to this look.

Floral Stripped Poplin Shirtdress   

Accessory wise, I paired this orange beaded necklace with my Evelyne Bag, and my classic black booties. I’ve had these for so long I don’t even remember where I got them, but here are a similar pair from Urban Outfitters 🙂 Short Suede Boot. Heeled booties are so perfect for an event like today because you still have height on your side without walking around in uncomfortable heels, because who wants to do that on a Sunday?

I loved every minute of this Bloomies event this morning and I can’t wait to share the footage I got along with the amazing product info!!! Keep an eye out for it!

img_4403-e1491251662931.jpgAlso, look at this cute little brunch setup, orange is definitely becoming one of my favorite colors. Disclaimer- somehow my Evelyne bag magically matches these placemats LOL



  1. April 3, 2017 / 10:47 am

    Bella, you are doing an incredible job! Such a natural on video! I will subscribe to Bootay Bag so you get credit. Love the way you ended with “so now I’m talking about my unmentionables on the internet.”

    Quick question: Did you shoot using a tripod? What editing software did you use, if any? How did you prep and did you use off-camera cure sheets to stay on track?

    Influencer agency you may want to stalk:

    On Sun, Apr 2, 2017 at 7:45 PM, BB BEAUTY DESIGNS wrote:

    > posted: “This morning I had the great opportunity of > attending the Bloomingdale’s beauty and brunch event hosted by, Felicia > Walker Benson. Felicia is so well known in the industry and it was such a > pleasure and an honor to meet her. Picking her brain about produc” >

    • April 3, 2017 / 11:22 am

      Hi Jen!!! Thank you, I’m so glad you liked my first vlog!! I will definitely take a look at that agency for some guidance!

      My filming for this was a bit of a mess because I didn’t prep much, I just woke up that morning and thought “why not film a vlog today”. I used the same camera I use for all of my photos, the Nikon COOLPIX P510, not ideal for shooting, but it worked well enough. Unfortunately I don’t have a tripod yet so I actually just propped the camera up on a step stool on a stack of books LOL. As for scripting, I had an idea of what I wanted to say in my head, but found that if I stuck to my script too much, I just sounded like a robot. So after filming about 4 takes and rewatching them, I realized I looked like some kind of plastic, talk show host doing a segment on undergarments, not what I was going for lol. The casual vibe worked out much better for me, I just plopped down on the floor and acted as if I were telling a friend about Bootay Bag in the most casual, Bellaish way I could. I’m not a very serious person, so trying to act rehearsed and stiff did not look so good OR natural on me. I think it looks much better this way!!
      To edit, I simply used iMovie on my lap top because I was so unprepared for this whole process. I’ve researched some great video editing apps, like Adobe Premier Pro and Apple Final Cut; I am considering investing in one for the continuation of my vlogging, but until then, iMovie is so fool proof and gets the job done.
      Going along the same lines of vlogging, Sam and I are so excited to film your office attire/interview styling video!! We are hoping to dive into that this week!!!

      Also, happy birthday, Jen!!!
      I hope you’re having an awesome day!!

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