|How To|Makeup Packing

|How To|Makeup Packing

|Quick product breakdown if you don’t want to read this monstrosity of a blog post|Naked basics24/7 linersCoverFx color corrector,  Kiehl’s Powerful Wrinkle Reducing CreamABH Lip PaletteABH foundation sticksUrban Decay setting sprayReal Techniques beauty spongesGlamGlow exfoliating maskLaura Mercier Flawless SkinSensual Strut lotion

Needless to say, my packing anxiety does not apply to just clothing; I think makeup might be even worse. What happens if I forget my primer, or even worse, MY BROW WIZ!? How would I survive a whole trip with naked brows. That being said, I’ve decided the best way to pack my makeup/ beauty routine is to throw things in my bag as I use them, this way theres not chance of leaving anything crucial behind.

OverviewBut lets face it, if I were to pack every single product I use every, I would need a second suitcase. I’ll admit it, I’m a product whore. Perfume, elixirs, moisturizers, under eye cream, body lotion, anti ingrown hair serum, perfume, hair perfume, facial cleanser, facial exfoliator. I could go on.. and that’s not to even mention makeup. I mentioned my distaste for sample products in my Ulta vs Sephora post, however, I’ve 100% changed my mind.
Since that post, I’ve been so much more adventurous with trying new products, samples are they best way to do that. (Duh, everyone knew that except me apparently).

Anyway, for my upcoming trip, I have found a way to bring every single product I need, in mini sample form. THANK YOU SEPHORA POINTS. Keep reading below for an eyes, lips, face, skin and hair breakdown.

First, I’ll start with eyes. Of course I’m bringing my Naked basics, because duh, its basic. On that same Urban Decay path, the 24/7 liners because their long lasting formula is ideal for the beach, not to mention how perfect those two colors are for the beach. The CoverFx color corrector, so mini, so perfect for travel and the only one I would ever use. Of course I am bringing lashes for those night time looks.  Unfortunately I have run out of my Azeredo Cosmetics Lashes, so these will have to do. I received this Kiehl’s Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Cream from the Neiman Marcus “The Art of Beauty” Event and I am HOOKED. I use this cream for my under eye area because at the age of 18, thats the only place I am worried about wrinkles. Lastly, the most exciting part of this set: THE ABH MINI TWEEZER! I got it for free at Ulta and it is just the CUTEST!IMG_3988

Moving onto lips, my inspiration for this post: the Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette. I’ll be honest, when this pallet was released, I was so salty about it “Who would want to mix their own color? How do you reapply when you’re out?” and blah blah blah, I’ll be honesty I still don’t have the answers to those questions, but once I watched a few videos on all of the magnificent color combinations all in ONE conveniently small pallet, I knew I had to have it. I’m extra excited to bring this on my trip because I am that extra chick who will wear hot pink lipstick on the beach. This pallet is so perfect for travel because now I have ENDLESS amounts of colors I can wear without bringing a pouch entirely FULL of different lipsticks. If you want to see my mild freak out in the Ulta parking lot this morning, post purchase, watch the video at the end of this post.. Next in the lip category are other lipstick and glosses I have gotten from Ulta or Sephora for free. Just look at that mini Urban Decay Vice lippie, SO ADORABLE.

Moving onto face products, the ABH foundation sticks are a gift from god when it comes to travel. If you’re anything like me, you blend 6 different foundations together because you’re just that extra. I cocktail so many colors I’m like some kind of foundation bartender. And who wants to shlep 6 heavy foundation bottles on a plane with them?? So these sticks are so great because they are full coverage, but not heavy when it comes to sun exposure while on the beach. That being said, I will be bringing my foundation stick and my banana concealer stick.

Apparently today’s post is all about Anastasia and Urban Decay, because I will also be bringing my Urban Decay setting spray, the travel sized one of course. It’s the best setting spray out there and it’s two size options just makes it that much more enticing. Now the Real Techniques beauty sponges you see in the photo below are NOT to bring on my trip, but to have fresh and ready for when I get back. When it comes to beauty sponges and tooth brushes, after you bring them away with you, you just DO NOT use at home again, so nasty. Leave those travel germs at your destination, please. The rest of these products are mini moisturizers again from the Neiman Marcus event, that I have been itching to try. face

Next for body and hair, the mini GlamGlow exfoliating mask, because who’s face doesn’t need a good scrub after a long day in the sun. As for the Sephora makeup remover, not my fav, but it’s small and gets the job done, so I’ll survive for a few days without my usual Laura Mercier Flawless Skin wash and makeup remover. My favorite product in this category, the Sensual Strut lotion from the European Wax Center, smells great and makes you feel great. I get one of these from EWC every time I go for a wax and I LIVE FOR IT! Hair wise, thanks to many hair shows I have enough shampoo and conditioner samples to last a lifetime. SO SO perfect for travel. Product wise, hair expansion sprays because who doesn’t want big voluminous beachy hair while on vacation.

Regardless of the size of products I bring, I am still considering a separate suitcase… pray for me, my mother is not going to be pleased… I hope you enjoy the video below of my mild freak out over the ABH Lip Pallet, I still have butterflies over it…




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    We always stock up on travel-sized options and just keep them in our overnight bag! Soap & Glory has some great travel sized bath and body products! xx, Britta & Carli from http://twinspiration.co/

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