Winter 2017 Wardrobe Staples

Winter 2017 Wardrobe Staples

Its 20 degrees out today and I am frozen.

I’ve found so many warm and cozy pieces this season that I have been LIVING in. First is this Theory Visterna B Vest. I have no idea what a Visterna is, but I love it. It’s so thick and warm but it’s not stiff like it appears. This is such a great piece to layer over long sleeves and under a big coat. I find myself wearing it multiple times a week just because it’s so versatile and cozy. dscn5069

Next is this  Loeffler Randall Natural Black Saddle Bag. Pockets on pockets on pockets. This bag is so teeny but I can fit everything I need in it. It’s perfect for a day when you’re on the run and don’t feel like lugging around a big, heavy bag on your shoulder. Considering how busy I’ve been this winter, that’s how Ive been feeling. This has been my go to move around bag this season. My favorite part of this bag is the pock on the back. It’s great for storing your phone with easy access through out the day. (yes I’m that lazy that I don’t wanna open up a flap to get to my phone)

The little tassel on it is some kind of horse hair. Not gonna lie, that really freaks me out. I’m not into coarse, thick hair like that lol. Or horses at all if I’m really being honest. Thankfully, it unclips. Taking off the heinous feeling tassel dresses down the bag as well and makes it a bit more simple. I’m not a simple person. So me being me, I attached a MASSIVE pink puff key chain to spice this up. Unfortunately, I put the horse hair back on it for the pictures so I could show you the original incase you’re into that lol.

This bag is originally $425, but I found it for $65 on sale just because I’m great lol. This is definitely  a must get for that kind of crazy discount!!! Do yourself a favor and get this bag!! (and remove the horse for me plz)

Let me know how you like these items and what your favorite pieces have been this season!


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