Winter Blues

Winter Blues

featureThe color blue, has such a negative connotation. Blue is endlessly being dragged down by the phrase, “I’m feeling blue today” or linked with Taylor Swift’s lyrics, “Losing him was blue like I’d never known”. Don’t get me wrong, I am a faithful Taylor supporter, but I love the color blue.

Blue is the only color I ever paint my toes, not to mention, the color of Zac Efron’s eyes; if that’s not a positive connotation, then I don’t know what is.

With that being said, imagine Zac Efron’s twinkly blue eyes when you’re testing out these products. To start us off, the photos below show some of my FAVORITE blues. From left to right we have the  NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream, this shade is called “Moscow- Navy Blue”, SO beautiful, great to lay over lipstick. Next, my  ALL TIME favorite lipstick is to the right, MAC “Dreampot”, what a color. SO creamy, so rich, so pigmented. I remember the look on the MAC lady’s face when I reached to try this shade on and she said, “I just want to be honest, you’re probably never going to wear that, I would go with the pink.” WHAT KIND OF SALES TEQUNIQUE IS THAT? Anyway, I bought BOTH, and I wear the pink and BLUE all the time. Proved her wrong lol. So the next swatch you see is nail polish. That is correct, I swatched nail polish on my arm.. I want you to see how pretty it is without messing up my gels. So you are WELCOME! It’s Essie and called “Pret-a-surfer” one of my favorite colors!! Very pretty as you can see on my arm below 😂

I’m sure you already knew I had to throw the  Anastasia Beverly Hills Moon Child Glow Kit in here. It just makes me so happy, who could not smile at that “Blue Ice”, such a great Winter Blue.


Now for some non beauty related items, my absolute favorite candle which is peeping in and out of these photos is from Pier 1. I have this candle in probably four or five different scents, all so pretty and very relaxing. Not to mention that once the wax runs out, the jars are so pretty to use for other things!!!! I’m currently using an old one as a brush holder. I attached the blue candle here, but there are so many other colors and scents to choose from. (totally not blue related, but the orange candle is my fav, a lil musky). If you don’t already have a ton of meaningless, useless collection addictions like I do, hoarding candles is another great hobby to take up. My father is convinced I am going to accidentally burn the house down one day, but hey, it always smells great when I’m home messing with my candles.

Ocean Collection Candle.jpg

Continuing on the relaxing path, the two teas you see below are great, not to mention how happy those pretty little jars make me.

I got these from Teavana quite some time ago. And I mean a while go, so long ago that they changed the packaging. Bad move on their part. Anyway, the one on the left is the SENCHA JADE RESERVE GREEN TEA which I like to drink cold. While taking that photo I accidentally knocked over that entire thing onto my vanity, good thing it smells great because I’m gonna be sniffing that stuff for a while now! The one to the right (that I think  looks like little bacon bits) is the PEACH TRANQUILITY® TEA-FILLED TIN key word is tranquility, also very relaxing.

If you’re not sold on the teas I like but are still looking to try some to help your winter blues, Teavana has a Tea of the month club that I have considered trying, but I cannot commit myself to drinking enough tea to join a club, I’m sorry. If you are that dedicated, let me know how it is.



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