Steve Madden Haul

Steve Madden Haul

For whatever weird reason, I almost never buy myself shoes. I love shoes, but when it comes to buying them, I always seem to spend my shoe funds on makeup… big shocker there, right? I feel like I am CONSTANTLY borrowing my sister’s shoes (I’m sure she does too lol) luckily (for me) we’re the same size in everything😎. Before my sister cuts me out of her closet or her life, I figured I should grow up and get my own shoes, gosh, get it together, Bella.

Unless you live under a rock, you know who Steve Madden is. None of his shoes are particularly expensive and quality is always great, each and every style is also so unique. Last week I got myself three pairs of Steven’s works of art.

This first pair are my absolute favorite! They are so fun and out there!!! The exotic neon yellow is such a contrast to the glamorousness of the glitter, dscn4978along with the chunky edginess of the shoe itself, you’d think that these three could never go together, but somehow they do!! I wore these masterpieces a few days ago with a pair of baggy cargo pants from Zara, along with a plain black tee. A simple look is needed to balance out the VERY big presence that the shoes have.

Next, a more simple version of the glitter sneaker: same style, minus the zipper in a simple black leather. These are the staple shoe that my closet needed. I find most shoes in this sneaker style to be very uncomfortable, I have a somewhatdscn4980 wide foot, so they never fit quite right and in the past they have constantly given me blisters. BUT THAT IS NOT THE CASE WITH THESE STEVE MADDEN SNEAKER
S! I wore the black ones to work all day and my feet did not hurt in the slightest bit. Just because I’m me, regardless of these shoes being comfy, I would have worn them until my feet bled anyway. So having them be comfortable along with adorable is a just a bonus lol.

The last pair are also more of an understated style. A faux snake skin with the tennie tiniest studs to line the edge. These slip ons look so simple from far away, but unclose the detail is so beautiful. I have not had the chance to wear these yet, but I CANNOT wait!

Do yourself a favor and stop stealing your sister’s shoes. Take a look on, you WILL NOT be disappointed, he is always coming out with new styles and things always seem to be on sale!! I hope you enjoyed a preview of my new shoes, because I know I sure am.




  1. January 27, 2017 / 1:54 pm

    Love them all!!!!

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