My Messy Free-Form Waves

My Messy Free-Form Waves

Recently, and by recently I mean a few days ago, I came to the realization that my hair looks better with more volume. I have surpassed my high school days of every single girl flattening the life out of their hair with a straight iron. PSA: DROWNED RAT LOOK,  IS NO GOOD.

I have a really small head, so when the perimeter of my hair hugs my face too much, it only looks smaller. Being that I have short hair, its difficult to curl it without looking like some sort of spastic poodle (nothing against poodles, I have two).
Which is why I am SO happy I’ve found a way to add a free form wave to my hair without looking like my dogs when they get home from the groomer.

The first rule of this technique is NO pining your hair up into horizontal sections like you would to curl long hair. Having multiple rows of curls stacked on top of one another with short hair produces just that, STACKED. NO GOOD. All that would create is the same poodle concept I previously mentioned. They key thing in this waving technique is to do simple loose curls all the way around your head. Take vertical, thin sections all the way around, and curl away from your face.

Once you’ve done that, you’re not finished, you’ll have ugly little ringlets all over your head and that is NOT what we want here. This is gonna sound strange, but next, spray the crap out of your hair with hair spray or a strong, gritty dry shampoo (like sexy hair h2no), then tousle your hair through your fingers and break up the curls. While you’re spraying, grab the ends of your hair and push up (almost like a diffuser on a blow dryer), to create a poof at the top of your head, spray that to get the volume to stay.

You’re probably wondering, “Bella why did I just hair spray the life out of these heinous curls only to  comb them out with my fingers?”If you have soft hair like I do and you loosen the curl before spraying, all you’re doing is taking it out all together, not what we wanna do. So, you’re doing that so that the S-formation of the curl stays before you start loosing them up. The end result is this beautiful messy wave that looks so effortless and natural.

Any curling wand will work to achieve this look, mine is the Hot Tools 24K Gold. It’s a 3/4  inch barrel. I do not use the clamp, I just wrap my hair around it like a wand.

This has been my go to hairstyle lately because it’s so easy and gives me great volume without a ton of crazy products or teasing.  I hope it works well for you too!!


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