December Favorites

December Favorites

Through out the whole month of December, I’ve come across so many great, little accessories and products. There are too many great things to say about each brand and I honestly wish I could do a post on each of them individually, but I figured one post would be more reader friendly. I hope you enjoy them:)

The first four items I am going to be talking about are all beauty related, of course. First let me just say that my face was SO DRY in the beginning of this month. Literally dry to the point of cracking. I’ve been so upset because nothing was working, not my usual Cerave moisturizing lotion or any other moisturizer. Dry skin and makeup don’t mix, so I literally just wasn’t wearing any to avoid that cracked, cakey skin look.  I’m pretty OCD when it comes to the texture of my skin, so no makeup was a better way to go for me personally. The first one I am sure you’ve heard a lot about recently.

It’s the Egg Cream Mask by Too Cool For School, sold at Sephora. I’m not usually a fan of sheet face masks because I have never seen any crazy results from them before. But, Jaclyn Hill spoke about this mask in her December Favorites video and she seemed to be describing the same dry skin issues I was having. Jaclyn couldn’t say great enough things about this mask, so for the $6, I figured why not give it a try! I used one last night and WOW, my skin has never had this kind of hydration in the winter, EVER. I was worried it was going to produce like an oily surface hydration, but I really feel like it hydrated my skin deep down, the mask definitely went into my pores and worked some miracles last night because I am GLOWING today. If you’re experiencing the same kind of dryness, first of all, I am so sorry because I feel you, and give the Egg Cream Mask a try:)fullsizerender-2

My second item isn’t one that I necessarily start using this month, but have found new uses for. Basic coconut oil. For years I’ve been using coconut oil as a hair mask to keep it healthy. I used to sleep with coconut oil in my hair over night about once a month. Recently I’ve been doing it more often, and by more often I mean twice a week. It sounds excessive, but my hair has never looked so healthy since I amped up my usage. For those of you that know me well, you know that I change my hair color way too often, which is SO fun but SO bad for the health of my hair. After making coconut oil my new best friend, my hair feels like my hair again.

Now for the new use of this magnificent substance, about a week or two ago I ran out of makeup wipes (how shocking and tragic). In the midst of my freak out while trying to find something that would successfully remove my makeup without drying the crap out of my face even more, I saw my coconut oil on my vanity that is always out for my hair, and thought, “why not?”. I have friends who swear by this and have seen so many other beauty bloggers do the same; I was always skeptical because I’m fairly oily in the t-zone, so adding extra, unnecessary oil was always a no no for me. But since my face has been so disastrously dry this season, I figured it could only do good, (worst case: my entire face would break out and I wouldn’t leave the house for a month-🙃that has happened in other scenarios) what could go wrong right? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WENT WRONG, nothing has ever been so right actually. Coconut oil in this context is a triple threat, it removed my makeup, cleansed my face, and hydrated me all at once! coSince I’m a little OCD, I  still used my claresonic after because I get anxious about putting really dense products on my face. It’s been two weeks and I don’t even need to buy new makeup wipes. Makeup wipes are expensive and do a half assed job. Makeup wipes and I are broken up, okay? I am in a serious, exclusive relationship with my coconut  oil now. But seriously give this a try because I believe deep down that coconut oil has super powers, there’s noting it can’t do. Get it online, get it at whole foods, just get it.

So this next item probably doesn’t require much introduction or explanation, it is easily the most well known skin product in the beauty industry. GLAM GLOW. I have never purchased a full jar of any GLAM GLOW mask, only the singe use samples, I have always enjoyed them so I figured I’d treat myself to a full jar. I went to Sephora because unfortunately Ulta does not carry Glam Glow😒 I’m so happy I did though because they came out with the most adorable little gift set with three types of masks. f5700c50-6252-0134-5eda-06caa2286297YAY a gift to me of course! (great for your friends too though) It’s the Gift Sexy SUPERMUD® Set and boy is it fabulous. I really believe that the SUPERMUD Clearing Mask sucked every last thing out of my pores (I watched it happen in amazement) I haven’t been able to try the THIRSTYMUD Hydrating Treatment or the YOUTHMUD Tinglexfoliate Treatment yet, but I cannot wait! Also, if you order online you get 15% off your first order:)


As you can see in my main photo, there is a HUM Nutrition 21 day cleanse. I was originally going to talk about this because HUM definitely qualifies as a favorite, but I’ve decided to do an individual post on HUM because I love every thing they have to offer. So for now, you can just enjoy looking at it (because the packaging is oh so pretty) and wait for me to publish my HUM post😬

Now for a non beauty related item, I have been doing a lot of shopping on recently. I love them because they always keep up with the trends but still manage to have their own style. Does that makes sense? I understand what I mean:) and you will too if you check out their stuff. Below are some photos of my recent purchases that I love SO SO much! Every order also comes in the most beautiful packaging too. In my opinion, pretty packaging shows that the brand cares and makes me want to buy again. It makes you feel special, and who doesn’t wanna feel special:) My mom tells me I’m special, but it’s a lil different coming from Bauble Bar lol. ALSO Bauble Bar recently came out with a line that is exclusively sold at Bloomingdale’s, so some of my items are from there, give that a look, here!

I hope you enjoyed my favorites for this month 🙂




  1. January 5, 2017 / 6:53 pm

    Hi Bella! Thanks for the egg cream mask tip since I can’t seem to get enough moisture into my face this winter. Coconut oil: I have some and it’s solid in the jar. Do you heat a scoop before applying to your hair?

    • January 5, 2017 / 7:24 pm

      I use the solid kind as well. I take a scoop and rub it around in my hands so that it turns into a liquid. Heating it up would work as well though!

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