Holiday Gifts For Your Bestie under $50

Holiday Gifts For Your Bestie under $50

The Holidays are a great time to remind your friends how much you care and appreciate them. But as I’m sure we all know, it can get expensive when trying to find just the right gift for ALL of your friends! I’ve put together a little guide for you to ease up the process:) Making your bestie feel special is key, make the gift personal. Some of the best gifts are things you’d be excited to receive. This rule really only applies when you and your bestie have similar tastes, of course.

The cute gifts I have chosen are mostly beauty themed, of course. Sometimes the best gifts are a bunch of little items that your friend wouldn’t normally buy herself. Some girls need a little push when it comes to treating themselves.dscn4171
I’ve laid out a ton of options for you that are great for putting together a cute little gift basket, with everything from, makeup brush cleaners (very essential) to adorable jewelry holders (which have the cutest little sayings on them to remind her how special she is).

The photo below contains an overwhelming amount of products. I will attach the links below to each of them:). One of my favorite items is the makeup brush cleaner, every girlneeds one but most DON’T have one! I use mine religiously and I HIGHLY recommend using it frequently to keep your brushes and more importantly, YOUR FACE clean!!! Giving this gift to your bestie says “I love you and I care about your skin AND the integrity of your makeup brushes that I know you treasure so very much.” its definitely a winner.


If she already has one, the gift still works because items like this require a lot of replacement, you don’t want your cleaning tool to NOT BE CLEAN, RIGHT? I’m sure she’d love a fresh one:) I got mine from amazon, they’re only around $2!!!! Great item at an even GREATER price!!615sykgihol-_sx522_

A second goodie revolving around this same concept, is the Miracle Complexion Sponge.  This gift is also great because an extra beauty sponge is always a GREAT item to have around when something goes wrong with your current one.

I keep my beauty sponges wrapped in a wash cloth on my makeup vanity to keep gross bacteria away from it and to absorb the excess water; this system was going great until last week when I mistakenly threw the wash cloth in the washer with a load of towels. I was absentmindedly folding my clean towels after washing and was obviously beyond confused and surprised when I found a chewed up beauty blender stuck to one of my hand towels. Needless to say that sponge has been retired and I’m so happy I had a fresh one handy because I need that thing everyday!!!  (it smelled great though!)

Another item in my pile of goodies are the “So Soft Slipper Sock” by Free People. They’re running an offer right now where you get 3 pairs of socks for $30. Let me just tell you, I swear these socks were made with fabric from the gods. I bought myself a set of 3 last week and I am OBSESSED!!!!! One pair goes for $16, so the set of 3 is definitely a better deal, and trust me, you will want more than one pair!!! dscn4170

Little side recommendation though, whether you get these for yourself (because you really should) or for a friend, do not, I repeat DO NOT wear these socks with Uggs or any other kind of fuzzy inside shoe. These things REALLY lock in the heat!!!  I had them on the other night with a pair of Uggs (big mistake) while I was with my boyfriend, who kept asking me why I was sweating…. Later that night  I removed the socks the over heating stopped immediately😂 . So don’t make the same mistake I did, my fairly new boyfriend is probably convinced I have some sort of sweating issue now.. lucky me.

I have spoken about Free People’s fall/ winter accessories in my Fall Accessories post and they’re all so cute!!!!  The link below has SO many more suggestions for the coziest winter gifts. I am probably the biggest Free People advocate you will ever come across, so go check out all of the beautiful items they have! 🙂 FREE PEOPLE FALL GOODIES

In the past few years, ugly Christmas sweaters have gone from something that your strange uncle wears on Christmas every year, to a funny and somewhat cool statement. The photo below, is of my sister and I sporting our fantastic, matching ugly Christmas sweaters that we got from’re comfortable, Christmasy AND they light up. Who wouldn’t want to light up? Just look how happy Sammi and I are, get one of these for your bestie and I’m sure she’ll have that same reaction. Wet Seal has also brought it upon themselves to design Christmas sweater SKIRTS this year!!!! Check them out at Wet Seal or Forever 21!!!


These next two products I am about to share with you are my ALL TIME FAVORITES! The first is Big Sexy Hair‘s Rose Elixir. This products is advertised as a hair & body spray, which sounds suspicious at first. It is oil based so it’s great for giving your skin a little extra hydration throughout the day, it also gives your hair a bit of shine. It’s basically a lifesaver when you’ve been out all day and you’re starting to feel less fresh and fab. BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY: it smells like HEAVEN! I honestly think it is the most amazing product I have ever come across.I love all Big Sexy Hair products, but this is definitely their most useful product in my mind. Before going out I will literally attack myself in a rosey mist and it’s never too strong. It mixes well with most perfumes because it’s subtle and fresh. I keep one in my room, one in my bathroom, one in my car. Everywhere. I can’t tell you enough how much I love this stuff. Perfume and body mist is a very personal thing, so you may be wondering why I’m suggesting this as a gift; but it  honestly has such a beautiful scent and it’s a multi use product so I cant’t see why someone wouldn’t love it. Big Sexy Hair also makes shampoo and conditioner in this scent along with a ton of other hair products that are GREAT to pair with this elixir. Check out this mist and all of their other rose products through the link below:) get ready for your life to be changed once you get this for your bestie. Especially because if she’s wearing it, YOU’RE the one who gets to smell her, so enjoy the heavenly scent lol! Big Sexy Hair Rose Elixir


Now for favorite product number two, coincidentally, this product also smells like heaven. I’ve been going to the European Waxing Center for all my waxing needs for about two years now. Not only do I love their facility, I love their products! Their product line is called Strut 365 and it is AMAZING. I could recommend all of their products to you because they’re all perfect, but the product we’re talking about in this post is the Sensual Strut, Body Polish. I use this product in the vanilla scent because I love the smell of vanilla, but it also comes in a fruity scent or a more fresh, clean scent. This is the greatest exfoliator I have ever used because it is gentle but effective AND leaves some kind of glow to your skin, hence the name polish. This product comes in a generous 7 ounce tube and I feel like I will never run out. If you really love your friend, this is the product to get her. Here is the link to this AMZING body polish!dscn4190

With all these little products in mind a cute little gift basket for your bestie could really turn into a gift she’ll love receiving and love using. I hope you found this post useful and enjoyed my rambling as always:)

I attached links below to the products in my main photo that I did not get to speak in depth about, I hope you found this useful !!! 💋🛍


The Wet Brush®

Tweezer with comb

Morphe Brush Pallet

Jewelry bowls and trinkets


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