A LovelySkin.com Holiday Season

A LovelySkin.com Holiday Season

Today’s short, little post is about the fabulous LovelySkin.com! I’ve been places orders with this company for the last couple of months and I cannot say enough great things about them.  Not only do they carry the best products and provide a speedy delivery; they are very in touch with their customers. Along with every order I have placed with Lovelyskin.com, they have provided me with product samples that I actually use (unlike the useless Sephora samples I complained about in my last post lol).

fullsizerender-5 Each sample comes with a detailed description of exactly what it is and how it can benefit you AND a PROMO code. THANK YOU you for telling me what I’m putting on MY face, it sounds like a given but this concept is unheard of for most companies! I have received samples from other companies that are randomly thrown in my parcel, UNLABELED, with no explanation, SURE LET ME PUT THIS MYSTERY GEL ON MY FACE, THANK YOU 🙂

My favorite part about receiving a Lovely Skin delivery (aside from the products themselves) is the adorable and extremely considerate thank you note that they ALWAYS send. Not only is this note heartwarming and highly appreciated, it also contains a promo code for your next purchase. That’s a great selling technique if you ask me, it makes the buyer feel special, and always entices you to buy from them again!

If you’re not already a LovelySkin.com lover, you should really check them out! My latest purchase which you see above is the Glytone Acne Clearing System. I go through this kit rather quickly due to the great results I always seem to get from it! Products like this always keep me coming back to LovelySkin.com! They are currently running a 30% off (most products) for their cyber week.

Along with skin care, Lovely skin also sells hair products, makeup, and COUNTLESS beautifying tools.
I purchased my Clarisonic Mia 1 from them not too long ago and it was anything but a waste.

I highly recommend checking out this site and taking advantage of the fantastic sales they always seem to be running. I hope the little personalized thank you note they send you makes it happy as it makes me:)





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