Fall Finds

Fall Finds

Every year around this time I find myself wanting to lazily throw on a big sweater and go on with my day. The whole big, cozy, sweater concept is not only comforting in the cold, but when paired with the right simple accessories, you have yourself a cozy, but fashionable fall look.


Some feathers to start us off: I strolled into Icing one day at the mall like a 7th grader, and I left with my feathers in hand, and the biggest smile on my face. The clip-ins are beyond comfortable, and in my opinion, so much better than the 2009 trend of the microbead feather extensions that lasted for weeks, this way when you’re not feeling like having bird appendages in your hair, you can simply unclip them.

Like the child I am, below you can also see that I dabbled in the old trend of feather earrings because, why not, right? Only one earring of course, because I personally think two

feathers dangling from your ears is just a bit much. I also purchased this earring at icing, and paired it with a simple diamond stud on the other side.


Next, these mini fingerless Free People gloves are my absolute FAVORITE fall find because they are so so soft and come in so many cute colors. I’m a pink lover, so if anything comes in pink, I automatically feel obligated to get. These gloves also come in black, blues and greens which they call  the “black combo” and in tan, reds, and browns which Free People calls the “tan combo”, all the color combinations are adorable and are very fall appropriate. I am personally a fan of the boho, knit look, but  I know that many people are not. Free people’s, fall/winter accessories tab is also filled with a bunch of other styles, similar to these fingerless gloves, but are much edgier and pleasing to those with other styles.

These gloves are definitely a fall/winter MUST HAVE because they are warm and certainly spice up any simple fall outfit. Check out these gloves and all the other great styles on


I found this super great flannel hat at Urban Outfitters in their sale room for a mere $9, and I have been LIVING in it. Its great for a bad hair day or when you’re simply really feeling the fall spirit. This hat can shake up any simple outfit with its beautiful pattern. It is still available on the Urban Outfitters website in this pattern and a similar design in all blues. Both designs are very unique and definitely a perfect fall staple.

Lace Tights with Simple Ripped Jeans

For my last portion of this post, which isn’t necessarily an accessory, but more of a little  tip to spice up your overly ripped jeans. These super blue ripped boyfriend jeans, that I bought from GoJane.com a few years ago were my absolute favorite until one day when I tripped up the stairs at school, like the klutz I am. The holes on the right leg originally looked like the ones on the left until my little high school stairway wipe out, that luckily had no witnesses. I was absolutely devastated because my favorite jeans went from comfy, yet casual, to a full leg exposure show.  I mourned the loss of my favorite jeans for about a month until one day  I thought of the lace tights under the jeans concept. Since then, I sport this look when I want to be comfortable but still fashionable (even though sweatpants are always tempting, especially in the cold). I love this look so much because I can still wear my beloved boyfriend jeans while still maintaining an appropriate level of skin coverage…



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